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FreeNomads offers travel professionals a FREE business platform integrated with all the power of a global tourism sector network (without the distractions that more social networks bring). This online platform is set to revolutionize the travel sector, increasing its e ciencies and bringing its professionals up to speed with all the latest technology, including tools for destination management and marketing. Harnessing the power of social networking and the value chain concept, FreeNomads enhances relation- ships between businesses and the factors a ecting their performance in the tourism sector, while encourag- ing higher levels of competitiveness in the industry. FreeNomads provides access to end markets through linkages along the chain. It facilitates the sharing of information and bene ts, creating economies of scale and bargaining power, and o ers sector-speci c tools and opportunities for rm-level upgrading, resulting in more competitive destinations and a better business environment for all stakeholders. Free key tools such as shared calendars, chat and email applications, maps, and directories to airports and fight schedules ensure that professionals in the travel business are connected and always on the same page. And FreeNomads is committed to constantly developing new and relevant applications to ensure that its users stay way ahead of the game. All these professional services are concentrated in one, focused and easy-to-use platform, made available to tour operators, guides, hotels, restaurants, and allied businesses and services. FreeNomads is FREE to all the businesses and professionals that make up the value chain in the travel and tourism industry (such as out and inbound tour operators, hotels, restaurants, transportation providers and guides). It is very intuitive and easy to use, and once users realize the many benefits the platform offers, they are quick to refer FreeNomads to clients, colleagues and service providers that they work with, thus strengthening the value chain of a particular destination and increasing its competitiveness. Basic training is provided by a series of free online videos on the help section of the platform, and should any further assistance be required, users are invited to contact